The NO win question

This is going to be quick.  Why?  Because it doesn’t need a lot of time to get to the root of it.  It doesn’t matter…because it’s a question to set someone up to fail.

Whether you’re a lady who’s asked or a guy who’s been asked, you toast.

See the guy knows the answer.  An immediate NO, of course not.  Or No, why would you ever think that.


Problem:  Women ask because they know they look fat in them jeans.

Cause:  Either you man lies to you or he appeases you.  Either way, you’ve got that boy dead to rights.

It’s a game.  Men, don’t fall for it.  And in my opinion, games should be left on the court, field or in the box when your doing with Pictionary (one of my favorites)–Not in relationships.  My fiance and I made a deal not to play these kinds of games and it’s been Ahhhmazing!

You show me a couple where the woman asks the question and when the man says, yes, I’d wear something else, she thanks him for saving her from embarassment and then they hug and kiss and skip the night out to make love.  Oh, wait…that’s the dream sequence.

Women:  Don’t ask the question.  That’s it!  Seriously!  Don’t do it!

Men:  Before the question is finished you better be saying NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Unless you like the couch.

Told you.  This one was quick and easy.  And hopefully it’ll save a few souls out there.