Life is not a “Mills & Boon”, where there is always a special someone waiting just for you, created by the God himself, who will make butterflies run in your belly and make you dizzy with his or her kisses. Recent movies, TV shows and even Facebook has successfully overrated the whole concept of true love and romance. It has done a great job in propagating false messages and trap the people in the damaging myths about a perfect Relationship.

I, personally, have always found these messages ridiculous. But, however much unbelievable and laughable they may be, they never fail to induce some expectations in an individual. These expectations further play a greater role when a committed relationship falls short. This inside notion of “something is not right with my relationship”, may cause one to walk away from a well-matched partner.

There are hundreds of myths about a relationship which can erode one’s relationship. Let us talk about the 5 common myths that create the unnecessary apprehension even among the rational brains out there.

No. 1. There is no scope of doubt in a perfect relationship.

Come on man! Have you really been 100% certain about anything in life? Anything? Life is uncertain. It would be not smart on your part to never doubt or question anything. Give some thoughts to your decision. Think about it and then decide whether you can really envision a future with your partner. It’s better to have doubts and get them clarified than feel nothing at all. It is not only inescapable, but also healthy any relationship.

No. 2. Don’t miss him, don’t love him.

It is actually not at all necessary for you to miss your partner when you are away from them. If you don’t miss them, then it simply means that you are satisfied with yourself. This makes you even more compatible and ready for a healthy relationship.

No. 3. Jealousy is a sign of true love.

Jealousy is not really about love. It is rather a peculiar portrayal of how insecure and under-confident the person is with themselves and their relationship. You will do everything to show your partner that you care about them, but in reality it doesn’t help that much and your partner will continue feeling jealous. Although being supportive can help, your partner should work on their insecurity issues.

No. 4. There is never-ending passion.

Unlike what is shown in the romantic movies and books, there is no infinite amount of “passion, urging and loving”. Sometimes you will want it, sometimes you will not. And it’s perfectly fine. There is no need for you to be in a constant need of Sex. Don’t overdo yourself, after all sex (although major) is just a part of a relationship.

No. 5. Needs are understood without voicing them out.

You don’t just get a psychic ability to read minds after getting yourself into a relationship. The partners need to voice out their opinions and voice out their requirements. There is nothing better than communicating your feeling and needs for a healthy relationship.

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